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Code To Happiness Social Enterprise JSC


Code to Happiness



Written in the form of a programming language, it is an integral aspect of software development and a cornerstone of computer programming. It represents the core and invaluable element within the realm of technology. 


A psychological state characterized by contentment with abstract needs, deeply rooted in human experience. It is a concept in human spiritual life. It embodies the ultimate aspiration in human life, representing the ideal mental state sought by individuals.  

Every individual possesses the right to happiness with the potential for a personal “code” of happiness residing within them. The question arises: how can this code be activated and how can one tap into the latent seed (of happiness) already present?


Code to Happiness (C2H) is a social enterprise dedicated to providing solutions for activating the innate code of happiness within each individual. The name “Code to Happiness” signifies the convergence of technology and spirituality, the synergy between science and philosophy, and the interaction of technical elements with psychology... 



Code to Happiness is at the forefront of supporting joyful leaders, cultivating sustainable organizations, and contributing to the realization of an enlightened and prosperous world.


  • Empower leaders by unlocking the keys to activating inner happy elements.

  • Unravelling the formula for employee engagement within happy organizations.

  • Seamlessly integrating source code and core technology to promote awareness, shape practices and quantify happiness metrics.

Core values

1. Empathy

Empathy allows us to perceive the world from the perspective of others, to immerse ourselves in their experiences, understanding their intricate emotions without judgment, thus fostering a sense of sharing and tolerance. Empathy embodies the actions of understanding and loving, serving as a unifying and healing force for all.

Selected as our primary core value, EMPATHY is indispensable in our modern world, and also the cornerstone of our practice.





The meticulously crafted programs by Code to Happiness prioritize spatial experience, balancing energy and emotional rhythms for participants. Central to our approach are meditation and therapy as primary materials, seamlessly integrated with natural materials to create an authentic, refined, peaceful and revitalizing space that helps nourish the soul, expand consciousness, and convey valuable messages.


Our diverse team of Trainers and Coaches at The Code to Happiness each brings unique strengths  and expertise derived from personal meditation and transformational journeys. We firmly embrace  the principle that "we cannot give what we do not have."

We firmly believe that the core of transformation journey begins by returning to living fully in the present moment, cultivating mindfulness to understand our internal and external experiences. This fosters authenticity and originality, leading to positive changes in our words, behavior, and thoughts.


The Expertise Pillar of Code to Happiness is built upon the foundation of Spiritual Integration, blending the values of Eastern Mysticism and Western Science. This harmonious fusion facilitates energy balance, nurtures the soul and mind, and foster the development of heightened awareness.

Eastern Mysticism

  • Buddhist Philosophy
  • Plum Village Practice
  • Yoga Science
  • Energy Science
  • ...

Western Science

  • Psychology
  • Mindfulness
  • The Zen Leader
  • Search Inside Yourself
  • ...

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