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Spiritual Study Tour – International study tours for Leaders

Code to Happiness International Tour program mainly focuses on Study Tour in the United States...


The international study tour combined with sightseeing and experiencing cultivating activities that nourish the body and mind is a special program of Ma Source Hanh Phuc for Vietnamese Leaders and Businessmen.


Ma Source Hanh Phuc's International Spiritual Study Tour program includes:

  1. Spiritual Study Tour - United States

  2. Spiritual Study Tour - India & Bhutan

  3. Spiritual Study Tour - Sri Lanka & Mandives

  4. Spiritual Study Tour - Bali, Indonesia


We believe that attending Spiritual Study Tours like this will help Leaders and Businessmen change their mindsets and change breakthrough thinking on a global scale. Learn directly and interact 1:1 with outstanding professors, leaders, and heads of state in the world. It is an opportunity to upgrade yourself and serve as a launching pad for the future. Have the opportunity to network, participate and be included in initiatives that shape the world. And especially, there is an opportunity to return inside, water and nourish inner strength through practice experiences, nourishing the body and mind.

Please contact us if you are interested!

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