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Retreat & Teamhealing

Attending a retreat/teamhealing is an opportunity to return to nature and nourish the soul. It is a journey to nurture the seeds of happiness already inside each person.


We provides businesses with a Teamhealing program that connects nature, connects the team from the heart and nurtures the seeds of happiness from within.


Your company's company trip can become


By participating in the Teamhealing program organized by Code to Happiness


Participating in the Teamhealing program is an opportunity to return to nature and nourish the soul. It is a journey to light and nurture the seeds of love and happiness that already exist within each person. We will experience mindfulness practices, activities that nourish the body and mind, activities that help us recognize emotions, connect with ourselves, understand - connect with teammates and get along in harmony. with nature.


The activities aim to help people have peace of mind, increase the ability to empathize and love, understand each other, regenerate and balance energy... thereby reducing the pressure at work and life.


We believe that after this trip we will return to work with a new spirit, new energy, stronger, more peaceful... so that together we can achieve new achievements.

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